I did well on my first "email" period of the day. I got through it all which feels good.

I attended a weekly "G7" meeting this morning. This meeting is made up of Soma, Craig Symonds (GM for VS), David Treadwell (VP of .NET developer platform) and some Product Unit Managers from across the division (including me). The purpose of this meeting is to act as a decision-making and direction-setting body for the divisional. Since the main focus of the Developer Division right now is Whidbey, that's what we spend the majority of our time on.

Today we talked about bug trends across the division and how we can get better insight into where teams are along the path to shipping. We have tons of data and teams do a really great job of creating goals and managing to those goals. But, when dealing with so many teams and so much data, it's hard sometimes to get a "pulse on the product" from the 50,000 foot level. Chris Dias, who is the project manager for Whidbey was suggesting ways of rolling up data in a better way and adding some new metrics. These ideas always create a lot of interesting discussions. Some people worry that the new ideas may not achieve the right results. Some think it will add more overhead. Some think the ideas are right on. In this case, I think most people believed that having a better ability to see where we are as a division was a good idea. We just need to figure out what that looks like. Chris is going to talk to our development managers and QA managers to get more in-depth goals from now until RTM and then report on those. Good progress.