I attended an Orcas planning meeting this morning. Even though I took the day off today I didn't want to miss this meeting. Orcas is the next version of Visual Studio (after Whidbey) and we've been spending time working on the "pillars" of that product. We use pillars as a way to define the main goals or main focus areas for a product. It lets us better communicate to the teams and to also make sure that the work we're doing is in the right areas.

This time around we're adding something new. We're using what we're calling "scenarios" as a way to guide our development of the product. We've used scenarios for a very long time, but generally on a much smaller scale. These scenarios are all-encompassing descriptions of what the product will do from the moment someone starts to define a project all the way until they are servicing it. We are trying to come up with a small number of these end-to-end scenarios that will guide us through the product cycle. The Visual Studio Team System folks used this approach in Whidbey had great results.

The rest of my day will be spent talking to roofing speicalists and wondering how a roof could possibly cost as much as it does.

Thanks for joining me this week. Have a great weekend.