I arrived in LA last night and had a great dinner with Jay Roxe, Alan Griver, and Erik Meijer. We talked a lot about VB futures, dynamic languages, and how Arnold Schwarzenegger rode a horse in an elevator at our hotel in some movie (well, yag kept talking about that :)).

Speaking of dynamic languages, Erik is giving a talk this week about dynamic languages. It's sure to be a great place to learn more about what makes a language dynamic. The talk is Thursday at 3:45. Erik has become a big fan of VB's ability to easily integrate both dynamic and static features into a single language. I'm looking forward to talking to him more about new ways to extend the langauge further into the dynamic realm.

As many of you have probably heard by now, there was a power outage today in LA. Yag and I were having lunch when it went out. It was kind of strange to see everything get dark. Luckily we had cash so we could pay our bill. We then hiked up 15 floors to yag's room to drop our bags off because we were headed to the convention center to register. It was a little unsettling to have the power go out and hear a lot of sirens rushing by outside. It only stayed for about 30 minutes.

I'll post more tomorrow after the show starts. There are lots of cool things planning for this week.