Recently I had a garage sale whereby several people came by looking for 'particular' items. Unfortunately I did not have them but had many other items of interest. I began thinking of how I could expand my 'horizons' and realized that the concept of mesh networking, communities, and garages sales go hand in hand.

Imagine a scenario where all of the garage sales in a community were meshed together so that someone looking for a particular item only had to go to one sale and if that item was not there then ask the owner of that garage sale if it was available anywhere else. The owner could then 'mesh' the other sales and ask if that item was anywhere. If it was then they could direct the buyer to the item's location. The owner would also benefit from this 'sharing' as they would also get people directed their way.

It would turn a single 'garage' sale into a block 'garage' sale with far greater potential for the seeker and the seller.

This is just one example of the 'community'ness of mesh networking and how it would revolutionize communities and even bring them closer together for greater things.