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Robert Green is a Technical Evangelist for Visual Studio.

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  • Blog Post: Episode 44 of Visual Studio Toolbox: OData Support and HTML Clients in LightSwitch

    In this episode, Beth Massi joins me to demonstrate some cool new features in LightSwitch. First, she shows how LightSwtich now has built-in support for OData. Then, she shows how to use the LightSwitch HTML Client Preview to build a cross-browser, mobile web client. Very cool stuff!
  • Blog Post: My LightSwitch article in MSDN Magazine

    This month's MSDN Magazine features two articles on LightSwitch. I wrote Build Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch and Beth Massi wrote Advanced Programming Made Easy With Visual Studio Lightswitch . Check these out and let me know what you think.
  • Blog Post: My TrainingCourses LightSwitch Demo

    In the past month I have given the LightSwitch Beyond the Basics talk at both VS Connections in Orlando and VSLive in Las Vegas. Today I am giving the Building Business Applications with LightSwitch talk at TechEd. All 3 of these use the same basic application, although different variants. I promised...
  • Blog Post: Updated Post on Using Remote and Local Data

      I have just updated Using Both Remote and Local Data in a LightSwitch Application for Beta 2. I reshot all the screens and have made some changes to both the text and the narrative. I also added a section on the code you need to write to enable saving data in two different data sources. In Beta...
  • Blog Post: Checking Permissions in a LightSwitch Application

    My sample application is in pretty good shape. Now I want to control who can work with the data. This is accomplished in LightSwitch by setting up permissions and then checking them in code. Beth Massi wrote about security in Implementing Security in a LightSwitch Application , and I don’t want to rehash...
  • Blog Post: Extending A LightSwitch Application with SharePoint Data

    In my previous posts, I have discussed my demo application that a training company’s sales rep can use to manage customers and the courses they order. The application includes both remote data and local data. The remote data consists of the Courses, Customers and Orders tables in the TrainingCourses...
  • Blog Post: LightSwitch Gotcha: How To Break Your LightSwitch Application in Less Than 30 Seconds

      This is the first in a series of LightSwitch Gotcha posts. I have no idea how many there will be, but I suspect there will be plenty as I run into things myself or hear about things that happened to other people. To see this first gotcha in action, and to perform this trick yourself, build a very...
  • Blog Post: Using Both Remote and Local Data in a LightSwitch Application

    Hi. I’m Robert Green. You may remember me from such past careers as Developer Tools Product Manager/Visual Basic Program Manager at Microsoft and Sr. Consultant at MCW Technologies. After five and half years on “the other side” at MCW, I have returned to Microsoft. I am now a Technical Evangelist in...
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