I’m sure most of you are aware of the frustrations of trying to get your mouse wheel to work in the VB6 IDE.  The last word on this was that Intellipoint 4.12 was the only way to get this to work properly.  It has been broken in Intellipoint 5.0 (and 4.9).  There is a KB article in the works that discusses this behavior.  When available the article should be located at:


Q837910 Mouse wheel events do not work on Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 IDE - http://support.microsoft.com/?id=837910


For most of us using Intellipont 4.12 is certainly an option.  For those of us using IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 (and other similar fancy hardware) we like to have all of our hardware features and would gladly sacrifice the VB6 IDE wheel scrolling to use our entire feature set in all other applications.  While this is a correct statement unto itself, it is also untrue.  The proverbial:  “I want my cake and eat it too!”


I finally got frustrated with this whole spiel and wrote an add-in for the VB6 IDE that makes the mouse wheel work within the development environment.  I’ve contacted the content management folks and have sent them the add-in.  They are going to amend the KB article and provide a link where everyone can download the add-in.


Happy Scrolling! 


…is there anything else I can fix?






FYI – Visual Studio Service Pack 6 is available!!!