A while back I was searching for an MP3 player that had the following features:


·         approximately 256MB Memory built in

·         Great Asthetics

·         FM Radio Tuner

·         Backlit LCD

·         Small & Lightwieght

·         Runs off of one replaceable AA or AAA battery

·         Voice Recording (built in microphone)


·         Expandable memory (either Compact Flash or Smart Media)


A very tall order if I do say so myself!  I didn’t really think I was going to get all of this in one device.  


“Yeah right,” I thought to myself!   I figured I’d have to compromise on something.


My initial search yeilded various players that only had some of the features (i.e. 256MB, FM Tuner, Voice record, non-expandable) but not all.  Well, after reviewing the entire set of MP3 players for sale on Buy.com (about 100 of them at the time 98 right now) I actually found a couple of candidates:


  1. Digitalway FL100
  2. Frontier Labs Nex IA


After some breif delibration I decided that the Digitalway offered me all of the features that I was looking for.  I now have my hands on this sleek player and after all of the long searching I can play with it to my hearts content.


Unfortunately there’s a problem:  the voice recording on the device goes to the internal memory and not removable media.  This is completely inconfigurable; it’s even on the Digitalway’s FAQ.  Of course you don't find these types of things out till you get the device home!!!


Now this really bites…here’s the perfect MP3 play for my needs and the darn thing trips over itself and falls face first right before the finish line.  How inconvenient.  I’m going to ping the Digitalway folks and maybe they can whip me up a special version of the firmware that can record to the removable drive…we’ll see how far that goes.


Wish me luck!