Well, it's 10 to 1 AM here and I just got back from a 5k run.  It's good to run late at night, fewer cars, cooler temp, less polution, etc (Yes, I'm blatantly ignoring all the negatives). 

The road runner here has been out since the mid-afternoon and a quick call to the provider indicated an outage in my general area.


... and now to bring these two random events together...


On my run I encountered two Charlotte Time Warner employees up in cherry pickers working on the cable system.  In mid-stride I pulled out my MP3 player headphones and shouted, "Is my e-mail working yet?"  To my pleasant suprise the response was, "Yep, you're back up!  Have a good night!"  I remarked that they shouldn't work too hard while running off into the night.

Even though I was pretty kicked from the high pace I was putting in I felt great after encountering the two field engineers.  I lost my fatigue and doubled my pace!  Here these guys are hard at work in the middle of the night and they take the time out to answer my question regardless of bizarre circumstances under which they were placed.  Now that's customer service, it truly made my day!  Yes, I was quite stoked that the "internet was back up," but that's not the moral of the story.

When was the last time something like this made your day?