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March, 2005

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    Stop that alarm!

    I should probably get one of these ! My poor alarm clock must feel like a punching bag. J At least this one has a chance…it can run and hide! Hit snooze and this alarm clock runs and hides -
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    What do haircuts and technology have in common?

    If you were to ask me this I’d have to say nothing ( neither does the internet )! But hold on, I really do have a story to tell… I went to get my hair cut on Monday. I visited a shop nearby work that I had previously been to. It had been a while since...
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    Remember rotary phones? I do.

    I was in San Diego last week and had the wonderful opportunity to go to the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum . While touring the bridge an adorable little kid no older than ten pointed to a rotary telephone and asked what is that? J I was a bit surprised...
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    .NET’s Imaginary quest to rule the world: Whitelisting ala managed style.

    At some point, for some reason, maybe because of Episode III (or maybe not), you’re going to want to white list an application within the Windows XP SP2 Windows Firewall from managed code. You can do this easily enough from VBScript by using this handy...
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    Too much information...please stop!

    Keeping up with the influx of information to my inbox may be getting to the point of being overwhelming I’m sure many of you would agree. Just yesterday I decided I’d figure out how many valid e-mails make it to my inbox….. for 03.09.2005 I had 643 “...
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