• Distant Early Blogging

    Localized Javascript Resources with MVC

    We needed to have a handful of localized strings available to javascript. A simple but effective approach we're taking with asp.net mvc is adding a route such as this: routes.MapRoute("ScriptResources", "res/resources.js", new { controller = "System"...
  • Distant Early Blogging

    Next Generation Forums are live

    We've been busy the last few months working on the next generation of Forums and Community. All of the hard work from everyone involved has paid off and the beautiful new sites are live. Sam, the dev lead for Forums, has a great post and video covering...
  • Distant Early Blogging

    AJAX Client Side "OnLoad" event

    One of the neat things I came across while working on my current project is an ajax shortcut for hooking in to the Sys.Application.load event on the client. As it turns out you can declare simply declare a pageLoad function which AJAX will automatically...
  • Distant Early Blogging

    Cool New Microsoft Learning Site

    The team I work on has just finished and released a major upgrade of the Microsoft Learning Site . Highlights include: Totally new UI Enhanced filter/tag based navigation through the offerings RSS Feeds from stock categories as dynamic feeds based on...
  • Distant Early Blogging

    Why don't my Page Methods work anymore in the RTM? The answer is...

    If you run into this problem, like I just did when updating from the RC to RTM, here is what you need to know. You'll need to set the new "EnablePageMethods" attribute on the ScriptManager element to true. Pretty simple, but I don't think this was made...
  • Distant Early Blogging

    PageMethods in ASP.Net AJAX 1.0 RC

    Since it was surprisingly difficult to find sample code, I decided to kick off my first post with a little bit about PageMethod's in ASP.Net AJAX 1.0 RC . A PageMethod is basically just a method that is exposed and callable from client script. The method...
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