I was originally going to write a blog entry that tried to answer the multitude of questions about WiX, the fact that it has been released Open Source, and what Microsoft is really doing on SourceForge (which isn’t nearly as sinister as some of the Slashdot comments would like to imply) but that is going to take far more time than I have before today really starts.  So, instead I’m going to do the two things I consider most important then go to sleep for three hours.

First, I want to thank “Matt” for his comment that I came across at just the right time.  The response to WiX going Open Source has been extremely overwhelming.  Call me naïve but I was positive that it would take a few days before anyone would notice the thing even existed on SourceForge.  I mean seriously, WiX is just a toolset for building MSI/MSM files (it is not an installer) and nobody cares about setup (except a few people like Loren, Lonnie and Jamie).  Right?  Well, apparently not when you happen to work for Microsoft and release the source code with the tool you think is useful.  Anyway, many thanks to “Matt” and his well timed comment.

Second, I want everyone to know that I am reading the comments (anywhere I can find them, not just here) and I truly appreciate the feedback (note: I do prefer feedback that does not include personal attacks, but honestly I’ll take suggestions for improvement just about anyway I can get them).  I may not be able to respond to each your comments (like here and here) directly, but I will try to address as many suggestions as possible.  Also, please, be patient as I slowly learn the more about SourceForge and what information people need know to be successful with WiX.  The next couple weeks will be filled with lots of learning.

What a wild ride this is turning out to be.