So it seems official, Microsoft is sending me to OSCON 2004.  In fact, it looks like I'm probably going to have to get up and talk about the Windows Installer XML toolset.  Fortunately, I know a little bit about the WiX toolset so that should be pretty easy to do.  However, apparently O'Reilly wants a short one to two paragraph bio about me and I have no idea what to write, so I'm looking for help with two things:

1.  What would you say about "Rob Mensching" in one to two paragraphs?  Miguel de Icaza (who I have a lot of respect for even though I've never actually met they guy) has this bio and Esther Dyson has this bio (she's obviously more important than Miguel and me; she got six paragraphs for her bio).  I'm looking for help here because all these bios seem to be written in the third person and Rob isn't too good at referring to himself.  I also figured that since this is an Open Source Convention I'm attending, I could try to create my bio with help from the small community that reads my blog.

2.  What would you like to see in a 45 minute presentation from "Rob Mensching"?  I have a whole slew of things I can present about the Windows Installer XML toolset.  Considering the amount of free time I have between now and then, it is highly likely I'll be presenting one or two of those things in the WiX toolset.  However, I'm always open to other ideas.  So if you have something you think would be interesting, please let me know.  Even if I don't present it at OSCON 2004, I'll keep the good suggestions in the back of my mind and look for a way to present them later.

As always, you can leave a comment in the feedback on my blog or drop me a private comment.