The Open Source Convention actually started Monday but Stephen Walli and I drove down today (er, Tuesday).  We discussed all sorts of topics (mostly Open Source related) during the three hour trip from Seattle to Portland.  Once in Portland, he and I checked into our sleeping arrangements at the Residence Inn Marriott then hopped on over to the Marriott Downtown to check into OSCON.  Over lunch we talked more (Stephen is really quite a fascinating guy) and made plans for the afternoon and evening.

After lunch, we came back to the hotel and I crashed for a couple hours.  The night before I only got two hours of sleep trying to get the WiX toolset pushed to Source Forge while getting the slide deck and demo together for my presentation tomorrow.  After my nap, I discovered the hotel offered free internet access so I jumped online to catch up on email and pick up where I left off last night.  In fact, I just finished putting the last few tweaks on the demo tonight.  Talk about burning the midnight oil.  Hopefully, all will go well tomorrow.

Jon Rosenberg, who works hard behind the scenes on a lot of the business details of the Open Source projects from Microsoft, joined Stephen and I for dinner. 

After dinner a friend of Stephen's joined us for drinks, Pamela Roussos.  Pamela is the VP of marketing for Zend (the company behind PHP).  She talked about her recent trip to Tel Aviv where Zend development is based.  She also had a good time giving us a hard time about working for Microsoft (something I'm sure will continue to happen for the rest of the week).  I was also surprised to find out that Pamela used to work for Consera before it was purchased by HP.  Consera is one of the partners with the Dynamic Systems Initiative from Microsoft.  Of course, when I'm not out wandering around in the Open Source space, I work on the System Definition Model which is a key part of DSI.  So, Pamela and I talked about systems management for a while, completely boring Stephen and Jon.  I guess it really is a pretty small world.

I'm sure tomorrow will be much more interesting.  I'm meeting Stephen and Jon for breakfast at 7:30 AM (just a few hours away) before heading over for the Tim O'Reilly's keynote.  I'll keep blogging.