If you hang out in any of the Windows Installer newsgroups you've probably already seen this page for the upcoming Windows Installer Chats.  For those of you that don't I wanted to quickly point out November 9th's topic:  Windows Installer Chat: Using WiX to Create Windows Installer Packages.  I'll be there (wouldn't miss it!) and I expect that Robert, Reid, Derek, and K will be there too if they aren't tied up doing "real work".  I also hope that Vagmi, Riko, Orion, Bob, and Rob (who hang out regularly on the wix-users mailing list answering questions) can make it as well.

If you're using the WiX toolset today or are considering using it in the future then I encourage you to show up.  We'll answer as many questions as we can in the hour.  Personally, I look forward to getting to know a few of you better.