In the Windows Installer chat two weeks ago, I promised I'd get a blog entry written up about localization using the WiX toolset and .wxl files this past Tuesday.  That obviously didn't happen.  There are two reasons for this.  First, as I was working through my example, I tripped across several bugs (such as this one) recently introduced into the toolset that broke many of the localization scenarios.  Second, while writing the blog entry I repeatedly had to go back and add background information about localizing MSI files.

So, I gave up at 3 AM that night (er, morning) and figured I'd pick up where I left off after work on Wednesday.  I should have known that was a bad idea because after Tuesday (the night I have scheduled a solid 6+ hour block for Windows Installer Xml toolset work) passed the week just vanished.  Thus I have some partial fixes for the localization bugs in the WiX toolset and I have a partial blog entry about how to use the toolset localization features (with the previously not-done fixes).  That's not particularly useful to anyone, so it's all sitting around until next Tuesday.

I guess I've found that I can answer questions on the wix-users list by getting up early in the morning (less sleep, but that's okay).  I just haven't found the time where I continue to advance the technical topics in this blog.  Maybe I should block off a 4 hour time slot in my week (maybe Monday night, if Jenny agrees) to write at least one technical blog entry per-week.  But, I'm open to other ideas.  If you read this blog regularly and have a suggestion feel free to leave it in the feedback below or send me a private comment.

On a positive note, my work in Longhorn is progressing extremely well (and fun!) even if it is sucking up all of my brain cycles.  That and I expect to fix most of the WiX toolset localization issues by Tuesday.  Then I'll get this localization conversation back on track.

In the meantime, keep coding, you know I am (and it feels good).