The rack that I’m building for the “Scale” booth at MEDC 2007 is really starting to take shape.  New records for mobile data synchronization scalability will be broken as I stress test SQL Server 2005 for all to see.  I’ve been slowly but surely configuring dual-core servers with Windows Server 2003 EE R2 SP2 to provide a platform for my test harness to run hundreds or perhaps even thousands of concurrent SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SSCE) Subscribers.  Each of these servers comes equiped with 4 GB of RAM, 1333MHZ FSB, and 2, 15K RPM SAS drives.  If that's not enough to eliminate bottlenecks, I'm also using the new Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet cards with the TCP/IP Offload Engine enabled for extreme performance.




Stay tuned as I move on to the construction of the Active Directory, IIS and SQL Servers.