As an author and admirer of iconic mobile devices, I’m totally jazzed by Amazon’s new Kindle device.  For those of you who haven’t read about this, Amazon just launched its own mobile reading device today that uses a high-resolution, electronic paper display to read books, newspapers, blogs and magazines on-the-go.  Obviously, we’re not strangers to the ebook business since we equipped our earliest Pocket PCs with Microsoft Reader and ClearType technology.  Unfortunately, the ebook marketplace just never took off.  How is Kindle different and why might it succeed where so many others have failed?


            Electronic Ink

The Kindle’s new electronic paper and ink technology looks just like you’re reading real paper and ink and doesn’t require a backlight.  You can even read books on this device in direct sunlight which doesn’t work very well with computer screens (with the exception of the OLPC XO laptop).  Not requiring a backlight means that this device and last for a week without a recharge.


Wireless Everywhere

The Kindle comes equipped with built-in EV-DO wireless so you can download a book, newspaper or magazine in less than a minute no matter where you are.  You don’t have to hunt down a Wi-Fi hotspot.  What’s more, there’s no monthly subscription, service plans, commitments or bills to deal with for this wireless data access.


No PC Required

Since the Kindle is a wireless device, it doesn’t require a computer and you don’t have to hassle with cables or synching.  You don’t have to download content to your computer and then copy it over to your device.


Bookstore Included

The Kindle includes a built-in store that allows you to purchase content OTA from Amazon directly from your device.  Books cost just $9.99 and you can sample the first chapter for free.


Content Push

Your magazine, blog and newspaper subscriptions are pushed to you.  When you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that your New York Times, Wall Street Journal or other morning papers have been pushed to you overnight and are waiting for you.  Magazines arrive on Kindle before they show up at the newsstand.


Check out the details and launch videos at the link below:


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!