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March, 2006

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Hello!  My name is Robert Unoki - welcome to my blog!  I work for Microsoft and I'm currently a developer on the .NET Compact Framework.  My postings will be stuff mainly related to my work here at Microsoft.

My family's website is

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have.

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    GDC is Over!

    The swag was flowing freely on Friday. (To my teammates back in Redmond - sorry I didn't have any space left in my bag). I'm sure you'll be surfing the GDC press reports and reviews. Don't forget to check out the GDC rants (there are transcripts posted...
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    GDC Day 2

    Word has spread! We must be doing something right... If you haven't guessed by now, I've been spending my time...
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    GDC Day 1

    Wow. It's not the Geek Developer Conference - it's the GAME Developer Conference. ;) What a cool experience! I spent time in a few sessions. Probably the most valuable was the talk given by Pete Isensee where he discussed writing good c and c++ code...
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    GDC - Geek Flight

    Holy cow. It's a geek convention. I'm at the gate for the flight to San Jose and it's wall to wall super geekdom. There are super geeks everywhere! This platform guy feels a bit out of place. After all we're all headed to the Geek Developer Conference...
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