All too often I notice that we're slammed by the media as the “evil empire” who doesn't care tenderly for its customers.  I agree that we've made our share of mistakes in the past, but we're really trying very hard to change that misconception.

Here's your chance to help us help all you devs out there with compatibility issues.  We want your feedback!  I know a lot of you have PDC bits and have had a chance to upgrade from V1.0 and V1.1, and I've personally met quite a few of you out there who've come to Redmond for DevLabs or ISV labs.  Just today I got a lot of comments about a quick talk on some of our CLR compatibility efforts I gave at the VSIP Summit.  I'd love more, you know how to contact me :)  I also have a question - how would you folk like to be able to discuss compatibility issues you run into with us?  Would a newsgroup dedicated to CLR Compatibility be something you'd like to see?

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