re: Averatec on Engadget 7/29/2004 9:45 PM David Mealo

Actually, Peter from Engadget was not speculating - his statement was based on an article ( ) whose source (linked in the article) was Silicon Strategies saying: "Averatec's new C3500 line will carry an AMD 2200 + (1.8GHz) processor (in October, this system will be available with the 64-bit AMD Athlon processor)."

Hmmm. So as long as someone wrote it somewhere it's not speculating, it's a fact?  One of the characteristics of blogs and forums is that people frequently pick up opinions and misinformation and perpetuate it as fact, without much thought to the original source or the accuracy thereof.  Everyone cites everyone else and soon it looks like the facts of the case are thoroughly documented and referenced, the readers become excited, politicians start making impassioned speeches, the public is demanding action......but it all originated from one, possibly inaccurate source, like my blog :).  Mostly it's harmless and/or amusing, but not always.  Blogging and forums are real time and often are a stream of consciousness without a lot of effort to verify the information and separate facts from opinion. Personally, I subscribe to the highest journalistic standards for accuracy and verification of sources, within the limits of my capabilities and the 20 minute time limit I set for myself when authoring a post  :).

Who knows, perhaps I am wrong and we will see that 64 bit tablet in October???  Wouldn't be the first time.

Peter, this is not about you or the authors of the original article.  I read the article. It was well written with lots of good information and editorial comments, with the possible exception of the “exhorbitant price “ reference, which is both hyperbole and inaccurate :). Just poking fun at blogs and bloggers, myself included.