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May, 2007

  • Enabling Digital Society

    The Vicious cycle

    In the IT Security area there seems to be this lack of belief in the old adage, It Can Happen To Anyone . Normally, before a company will get off their collective butts and do anything about their software security, they have to experience an incident...
  • Enabling Digital Society

    Jesper Johansson At Tech Ed

    Well it's been a crazy few weeks for me. But I've managed to get Jesper to agree to come down for Tech Ed. That makes the list of cool speakers grow to: Steve Riley Kai Axford Jesper Johansson Corneliu Tusnea Yours Truly and more great...
  • Enabling Digital Society

    The Tech Ed Australia 07 Countdown Gadget

    Hi Gang! Well in the spirit of Tech Ed ANZ 07, I posted a countdown gadget. Now this one is a bit strange to install due to the limitations of what files my other provider will serve. So follow these instructions: Download the TechEdAU07.zip file from...
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