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January, 2009

  • Enabling Digital Society

    Get Well Steve J.

    All kidding and competition aside, Steve Jobs is a pioneer in the industry. Finding a niche that created a strong fan-base among Apple consumers. Get Well Soon. http://money.cnn.com/2009/01/14/technology/apple_jobs/index.htm
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    Conficker Removal with MSRT

    1. Symptoms to help you determine if you are infected · Account lockout policies are being tripped · Domain Controllers are being hammered · Network congestion · Sluggish Client Behavior 2. Steps to help you recover Patch and clean ...
  • Enabling Digital Society

    Manual removal of Conficker

    Conficker Clean batch file including MSRT ================================ Microsoft support has created a simple batch file, ConfickerClean.txt , that can be used to help removal of the malware on workstations and remediate some of the collateral damage...
  • Enabling Digital Society

    Against the Clueless

    A while ago I went with a work colleague of mine when he presented at a user group meeting.  To cut to the chase, there was a Mac bigot there. Of course, as all Mac fanboys, he felt he had to attack us because we work for Microsoft.  Now I'm...
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