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  • Blog Post: The Vicious cycle

    In the IT Security area there seems to be this lack of belief in the old adage, It Can Happen To Anyone . Normally, before a company will get off their collective butts and do anything about their software security, they have to experience an incident. There are all sorts of cliche's we can put here...
  • Blog Post: IT Around the World - Vietnam Part 2

    So for part two of this I'd like to discuss a different aspect of IT in Southeast Asia. One of the things that defines most IT industries is their financial environment. This is true both vertically, and horizontally across the industry. For example, if we look at IT in the manufacturing industry we...
  • Blog Post: IT Around The World - Vietnam Part 1

    Recently I was invited to participate in a workshop that was put together by the Ministry of Post and Telematics in Vietnam ( http://www.mpt.gov.vn/ page in Vietnamese ). MPT is a government organisation that is progressing IT in Vietnam. I was asked to give a short presentation on two topics, Digital...
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