I introduced a new tool at MMS 2007 during my session called TRSCLEAN to reduce the size of large TRS files created by the issue outline in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article titled, “You experience a performance problem in Replication Manager of System Management Server 2003, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926617. "

For information please review my previous blog posting. Today I want to give you some important information about using the TRSCLEAN tool and "-f" switch. I would also like to give credit to the developer of this tool (Franck Michou a Escalation Engineer at Microsoft). Thank You for sharing with the community.

What does -f Update TRS for KB926617 switch mean?


After hotfix KB926617 (SP2 only) TRSCLEAN MUST be used with "-f" in order to convert the TRS file to the new key format introduced by the hotfix.

In order to prevent duplicate records some "=" are now (now=after fix) replaced by "_" as multiple "=" in the records were breaking the key of the records.

Retrieval of records using the key was not working properly so records were only added thus causing the growth of the TRS files.

The benefit of '-f' is that EXISTING records will be updated (and reused). If this switch is not used all the pre-hotfix records will remain unchanged.

Moving forward after the hotfix and the "-f" switch new records using the new key format will be created and updated correctly.