The experience of starting a new role in Microsoft. Typically this describes what it feels like for the uninitiated, new starter; but as a 3 year veteran with the organisation, I'm starting to realise that this applies to any new role.

The J-gradient learning curve. The collation, synthesis, and assimilation of overwhelming amounts of information. Meeting countless new people, and bringing value to them.

All this and much more.

And I haven't even started my new role as Group Manager for Developer Evangelism yet - officially that only begins in December.

But no matter how overwhelming this may seem, how daunting, how much comparison there may be to the previous guardians, it is an immensely exhilarating experience.

I wouldn't swap it for the world. Working with highly motivated, smart, and passionate technologists, enabling people.

Yep, knocked off my feet, flat on my back, drenched and desperately trying to drink from the fire hydrant - welcome to your new role!!