This evening I had the opportunity to meet the members of the Sydney .NET Usergroup, and the Brisbane Infrastructure Group. The first was through a happy misunderstanding, and I stepped in at the last minute to host the .NET Usergroup. This group has been run by Adam Cogan for (much) more than the last decade, and this is a great group of enthusiasts who love all things .NET. I may've even managed to convince a couple of them to come along to the Sydney Windows Mobile Usergroup. I know our Mobility MVP James McCutcheon is always keen to have more developers talking mobility. But I digress.

For the same evening, however, Andrew Dugdell (aka Dugie) had invited me to introduce myself and talk about the Wave Launch at the Brisbane Infrastructure Group's Christmas Wrap-up Meeting. Unfortunately I couldn't get away from my NSW commitments, so we hatched a plan. A geeky, techie plan that included a Microsoft Roundtable Camera, Live Meeting, my broadband connection, laptop, and webcam.

I do love technology, especially tech that's this cool. Unfortunately I missed Dugie (re)building his Arcade machine (driving home from the office) not to mention the Pizza. But I did get to meet the ITPro's from BIG, and dazzle (or is that blind) them with one of my trend-setting waistcoats.

I do love technology and connecting with people, and already am loving this gig.