It's been a little while in coming, but I'm very pleased to announce that we have a new Academic Developer Evangelist in Australia. After a rigorous recruiting process, on Monday I offered the role to Andrew Parsons, which he accepted. He popped into Microsoft this afternoon with his signed letter of offer and employment contract, and will officially start with us on Monday 11 August. This actually coincides with the NSW State Final of the Demos Happen {Here} competition, so come along, support your Demo Hero, and say hi to Andrew.

As is relatively clear from my recent blogging, I'm very passionate about working with students and educators. For some time now I've been advocating for this role within the organisation, and I'm really pleased to have such an accomplished and enthusiastic professional take on the challenge.

This process wasn't easy either. At Microsoft we usually conduct multiple interviews for each candidate. This ensures that we get diverse insight, and it gives the candidates the best opportunity to assess whether the job really is for them.

After 6 interviews each, I had 3 applicants that were all deemed "Hire for Role" by all the interviewers. It's a great problem to have, but alas, I could only appoint 1 of them.

Also look to meet Andrew at Student Day and TechEd08, and speak to him about some of the exciting initiatives we have in store for Universities this year.


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