This week has been a whirlwind of announcements here at PDC2008, Windows Azure, Windows 7, LiveID becoming an OpenID provider, the changes to Live Mesh, and all the others.

It is an exciting time to be developer in the industry, and there are enough new opportunities to spark the interest of anyone no matter what their personal language and tool preferences.

Keeping up with the excitement, next week we have Steve Ballmer presenting an exclusive event for Developers in Sydney. The physical event was invitation only, but we want to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to attend, so we'll be streaming his presentation live.

In each city across Australia, Usergroups will be meeting in the Microsoft offices to view the streamed event, but no matter where you are you are you can join too. Just head over to at 3pm AEST to register. The streaming will start at 3:30pm AEST.

You too can join in Liberation Day.