By now you’ll have read/heard the news, that the team I work in, DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) has appointed a new Director for Australia. I.e. I have a new boss.

My previous boss, Norbert Haehnel, has returned to his homeland of Germany to head up the Education Sales Team there.

Gianpaolo Carrera, although new to Australia, will be familiar to many readers, due to his recent visits to our shores. Most recently he took the lead on demonstrating Windows Azure and our Online Services (the +S in S+S) at the Steve Ballmer led “Liberation Day” event for Developers.

As with any change, I feel a sense of anticipation and excitement. And if I’m honest, not a little disquiet as well.

Certainly GP has a great track record, and I’m looking forward to introduce him to our partners, universities, and developer community. You can find out more about the man at his own blog here.

So, as is the way in the industry, and definitely at Microsoft, shift happens, and the new year is panning out to be as exciting as ever.

Disclaimer: “Shift Happens” was the theme at the recent VITTA Annual Conference. I just really happen to like the headline.


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