Tonight, (Tue Jan 13) at the Sydney Windows Mobile Usergroup, we host our annual “Nostalgia Night.” As this is our first meeting of the year, at a time when vendors are showing off the future of technology at Macworld and Consumer Electronics Show, but when many of our members, as well as potential presenters, are still on holiday. So we just go with a relaxed agenda.

The general aim is to spend time catching up with colleagues and friends, and meet new people in the Usergroup. All centred around your favourite mobile gadgets of all time.

Of course there is no restriction on make or model. Bring that old brick mobile phone which you can’t believe you ever carried around; that PDA which defied all logic of usability; the most exotic device of yesteryear and today. Marvel at how small, and fast, and functional, and, well, sexy, devices have become over the last decade or so, and laugh at just what we were prepared to put up with before.

As usual we’ll kick-off with a short segment on what’s happening in the Microsoft and Mobile worlds (aka The News) and then let people show off their devices. Feel free to swap, sell, or just drool at the technology on display.

There will be prizes for:

  • The oldest device that is still fully functioning
  • The person who brings an Apple Newton
  • The oldest Windows based PDA

and maybe more.

See you tonight in the Time Warp.


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