April, 2006

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This blog primarily talks about the role of data in connected systems architectures.

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    Paging in Service Oriented Architectures

    Paging in Service Oriented Architectures We had an interesting Email thread a couple weeks ago about how you support pages of output to a UI in a Service Oriented Architecture. My initial thought is that you don’t. If you are truly building loosely...
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    Backing Up Express

    Backing Up Express One of the most common complaints I hear about SQL Express is that because it doesn’t include SQL Agent, there is no way to schedule backups. I won’t go into the reasons for why Agent is not in Express but I thought it would be...
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    SQL Server Express & Everywhere

    SQL Server Express & Everywhere I assume by now most SQL Server fans know that SQL Server Mobile Edition has been released on Windows and the name has been changed to SQL Server Everywhere Edition. The first thing I noticed about this is there...
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    Business Logic in the Database?

    Business Logic in the Database? One of the basic tenants of three-tiered architectures was that business logic was a middle-tier thing and should never be in the database. Stored procedures were a hold-over from the bad-old days of client server...
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    More Message Priority Info

    One of the Server Broker developers posted a different approach to message priority to his blog. This includes some real – professionally written code so it’s well worth a read: http://blogs.msdn.com/remusrusanu/archive/2006/03/28/563571.aspx
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