May, 2006

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This blog primarily talks about the role of data in connected systems architectures.

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    Compensating Transactions

    Compensating Transactions At the Federal Architect Forum a couple weeks ago I was asked “when is SQL Server going to have compensating transactions?” Since this comes up pretty regularly, I thought I would write a little background on what this...
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    Recycling Dialogs

    Recycling Dialogs In virtually all the Service Broker articles, books, presentations, and blog samples I have done over the years, one message is sent from the initiator to the target, a response is sent from the target to the initiator and END...
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    MDM and EAG and CDI Oh My! (Part 2)

    MDM and EAG and CDI Oh My! (Part 2) I covered customer master data in the first part because that’s generally both the most critical and most difficult problem to solve but any data that is going to be aggregated by a service may have issues with...
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    MDM and EAG and CDI Oh My! (Part 1)

    MDM and EAG and CDI Oh My! (Part 1) One of the benefits often mentioned in SOA articles is data integration. When all your services communicate through messages with well-defined formats and schema, exchanging data between systems is easy right...
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    Scaling Out SQL Server 2005

    Scaling Out SQL Server 2005 Technorati Profile A lot of articles have been written about the technologies that can be used to scaleout SQL Server 2005 but there hasn’t been a lot of advice on how to choose which technology to use for your database...
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    Oracle Advanced Queuing

    Oracle Advanced Queuing When I talk to people about all the advantages that Service Broker has because it is built into the database, I frequently get asked about Oracle Advanced Queuing (OAQ) which after all is built into Oracle . OAQ queues are...
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