*Note: this entry depicts my views only and not of anyone else.

I was driving to work early morning today listening to hitz.fm and I heard something very unusual!


First, what program I was listening to? :-)




Well, my favorite in Malaysian Radio – The Morning Crew with JJ and Rudy! These guys are good…



So what was the unusual thing then?

I don’t know if this was an ad or just conversation but it went something like this:

JJ: Join facebook lah…
Rudy: What’s facebook man?
JJ: *gives a very good Malaysian-ized version of what facebook is – very accurate*
Rudy: Cool, I gota … *something something*

**Note: the above conversation is as per what I remember and is by no means the exact words of JJ and Rudy

In short, they were promoting facebook!


Fantastic for 2 reasons:

1. If this was an ad, I would have never dreamed that facebook would care to put an ad in Malaysia! Excellent isn’t it? I mean facebook keeping Malaysia in their radar :-)

2. If this was just views of Rudy and JJ – nothing to say here – facebook definitely is the kind of brad that would accumulate such loyalty that it would get free airtime – the same precious airtime that others pay thousands to get!