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  • Blog Post: Microsoft now a platinum sponsor for Apache Software Foundation

    Super cool -   Rohan Thomas | Web Platform and UX Technology Advisor ping me: +603.2179.6834 | mobile: +601.7264.2969 | fax: +603.2179.6834 blogs: internal: http://msblogs/rohant | external: follow me: im: rohanthomas@live...
  • Blog Post: Must-See WF/WCF Influencer MSDN Webcasts

    Some very cool MSDN webcasts coming up on .NET Framework 3.5. check it out here Technorati tags: MSDN , Webcasts , WCF , WF
  • Blog Post: Two of my favorite companies ink a search deal

    Microsoft Strikes Web-Search Deal With HP :-) Has anyone used the MSN Search Toolbar yet? It’s awesome… Talk about rich… Technorati tags: MSN Toolbar , HP , Microsoft , Announcements
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 2 Beta 2 announced!

    Yes… Soma Somasegar and Bill Gates have announced that Silverlight 2 Beta 2 will be publicly available later this week! Silverlight 2 Beta 2 comes with a lot of cool features including Richer controls, Improved Cross Domain Support and security enhancements, duplex communications (“push” from server...
  • Blog Post: Announcing Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0!

    Microsoft® Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping users establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services. It encompasses the entire IT lifecycle by integrating: Community-generated processes for planning, delivering, operating...
  • Blog Post: Live Mesh

    I know this is a bit late, but I have been damn busy chasing my Inbox (0) dream for the last couple of weeks. No, I have not failed till I give up! Anyway, for those who have already checked out would be very delighted by now, and for those who haven't, check out Angus' Blog on it Fascinating...
  • Blog Post: Free Windows Mobile remote control software and screen capture tool

    You have no idea how many times I wished for a tool which could do this! Thanks to Loke Uei for pointing this out! Technorati tags: My Mobiler , Announcements , Windows Mobile , Screen Capture
  • Blog Post: using Silverlight is now using Silverlight in it's Chinese forum (with rotating ad - so you might have to reload)and is in the midst of implementing it on their English forum too. Good Job! :-) Technorati tags: , Silverlight , Announcements , News in Malaysia , Partner Stories , Customer...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Labs - Community Clips

    Wow, this is the tool that I was waiting for! Community Clips video help recorder, which allows you to make help videos quickly and easily. you can download and try it here Technorati tags: Community Clips , Microsoft Office Labs , Announcements
  • Blog Post: Windows Speech Recognition Macros is now available

    WSR Macros combines the ease of Windows Speech Recognition with the power of an XML-based scripting language. It makes it easy to create speech interfaces to applications and perform otherwise tedious tasks with simple spoken commands Check out Rob's Blog for more details Also, Will DePalo (a Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Nokia makes Silverlight available for its S60 platform on Symbian OS

    Awesome! Read more here And the demo that I saw at MIX 08 was unbelievable!
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit

    Now available @ Check out the new and exciting features page for some awesome features including Activities , Webslices and Automatic Crash Recovery ! Cheers!
  • Blog Post: MIX 08 at Las Vegas!

    It has been awesome @ MIX in Las Vegas for the last couple of days and the tracks are amazing! The keynote for day 1 was great where we highlighted our newest Web tools and technologies, including the release of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 , Silverlight 2 Beta , Expression Studio 2 Beta and a preview...
  • Blog Post: 25 Most Innovative products of the year. Number 21 - Popfly!

    Wow! How did I miss this out? On 28th Dec 2007, PC World announced Popfly as the 25 Most Innovative Products of the year ! That's cool... For those who are wondering what is popfly , · Popfly is the fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, Web pages, and applications. · Popfly...
  • Blog Post: Tafiti goes shared source!

    A lot of my customers keep asking me if they can get the source for And I am glad to announce that now the answer is YES! We have shared the source for in our WLQuickApps on codeplex under a MS-PL licence (free for use). Tafiti Search Visualization is a Website which...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 first public CTP is here!

    I love my Visual Studio.... Especially when it looks like this: Beautiful.... As you can see, there are 4 controls included in this CTP (click the links below to check out the references) Contacts Control IDLogin Control IDLoginView Control SilverlightStreamingMedia Control Can't wait to get my hands...
  • Blog Post: Get you address

    I got mine rohanthomas at and it comes along with 5GB of space :) Thanks Live Team! Sign up for your's here Technorati tags: Live , , Announcements , Cool
  • Blog Post: Microsoft and Facebook Partnership!

    Finally it happened! Facebook partners with Microsoft! Read more here Super Cool! Technorati tags: Facebook , Microsoft , Cool , Announcements , Partnership
  • Blog Post: Updated Silverlight Gallery

    We've updated our Silverlight Gallery! Check it out and submit your own Silverlight App today! Technorati tags: Silverlight Gallery , Cool , Annoucement
  • Blog Post: Popfly in Beta!

    Check it out !! It's finally in beta! I've given so many talks about it, and every time the audience gets so excited! Now, it's finally in beta and everyone can fully enjoy it! Check out the cool new features including Popfly Explorer ! Cool Stuff :-) Technorati tags: Popfly , Cool , Annoucement
  • Blog Post: Win a Free ZUNE!*

    So far we have this: Make an Silverlight animation on a theme provided in the next few blog posts here using Expression Blend and email them to me :) The best animation wins a ZUNE ! Simple... Where to get Expression Blend? Download the free trial for Expression Blend 2 September Preview here Contest...
  • Blog Post: Want to win a free ZUNE? Watch this space!

    For those who want to win a free ZUNE , watch this space!!! Applicable in Malaysia only. Akan Datang! :-) Technorati tags: Contest in Malaysia , Free giveaways , Zune , Cool , Annoucement
  • Blog Post: Coming Soon: Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio

    Guess you guys already know this, but boy! have I been waiting for a long time for this.. Check it out @ Windows Live Dev News Awesome :-) Technorati tags: Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio , Windows Live , Annoucement , Cool
  • Blog Post: We are releasing the source code to much of the .NET Framework Libraries!

    Check out ScottGu's blog for details! Awesome! Technorati tags: .NET Framework , .NET Framework Libraries , source code , microsoft
  • Blog Post: September TFS Power Tools Released!

    Which includes the first release of TFS Best Practices Analyzer (TFS BPA) and also includes Work Item Template. Check out Brian Harry's post for details. Cheers :-) Technorati tags: Team Foundation Server , TFS , Power Tools , BPA
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