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  • Blog Post: Me Vs. Agent M - Me:0 AgentM:1

    Kudos to Live team and Maybank's Agent M I love Agent M already! :-) Technorati tags: Agent M , Maybank , , Live , Live Agent
  • Blog Post: Maybank customers get Live Agent to service them!

    Maybank, is now running a Windows Live Agent (WLA) - "Agent M" for Enquires, FAQs, Complains and Resolutions, etc to provide better service to their customers. Want 'Agent M' as your friend? Simply add " " to you Live Messenger and start communicating! Here is how it work at the...
  • Blog Post: Get you address

    I got mine rohanthomas at and it comes along with 5GB of space :) Thanks Live Team! Sign up for your's here Technorati tags: Live , , Announcements , Cool
  • Blog Post: Translation Blog

    What do you know? The Live Translation team has a blog now! Check it out at I really love Live Translator :-) Technorati tags: Live Translator , Live , Annoucement
  • Blog Post: Live Translator

    I gotta tell you, freaking rocks! I tried to translate my entire blog page, and it went (while translation is going on - looking awesome real time) and BAM! whole page translated! AWESOME! Technorati tags: Live , Translator , Cool
  • Blog Post: Windows Live SkyDrive... Put your data in the cloud... Post you data on the cloud. Check out this cool Live SkyDrive. An open beta available in US, UK and India. Enjoy :)
  • Blog Post: Live Search Vs. Google Maps

    I am used to my friends using Google Maps, nobody even gave a second thought to Virtual Earth. So I just assumed google maps was somehow better... How wrong I was... VirtualEarth is really coming up nicely. Awesome interface, easy to navigate. Some really good stuff.. The UI is awesome!!! And here is...
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