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  • Blog Post: Getting readymade Silverlight buttons with Silverlight SDK 1.1

    Why make your own controls when the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 SDK gives them to you for free? :) I will take the example of using the button control that is provided in the Silverlight SDK for this post To use the button control from Silverlight SDK, do the following: Start VS 2008 'Orcas' Beta 2 with...
  • Blog Post: The name “Canvas” does not exist in the namespace

    Quick Tips: For those of you who are developing/designing using Blend 2 Aug Preview and Orcas B2 (Visual Studio 2008 B2) getting errors as such: 1. The name “Canvas” does not exist in the namespace 2. The name “TextBlock” does not exist in the namespace You need to upgrade your Blend version from http...
  • Blog Post: TextElement in Blend

    Quick note: For those of you who are playing around with Blend and Expressions, if you try to open up a project in Blend and get an "Invalid XAML"error which basically says TextElement not recognized, just change 'TextElement' to 'TextBlock' instead and it will work. Cheers!
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