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  • Blog Post: Beautiful Seattle

    How could you not love this place? So as you know I am in Seattle for a Microsoft Conference and it’s so beautiful in here… But I like SF more ;-) Here are some pictures taken from my hotel room – damn I forgot to bring my Canon Rebel XTI… Beautiful sky, beautiful scene – I just love it :-) Rohan Thomas...
  • Blog Post: TechEd SEA 2008 DEV Proctor Training

    If you are a dev proctor in TechEd SEA 2008 – make sure you come to the proctor training (as per the emails you should have received by now) The Proctor Leads (Codename – SPARTANS) will be there to welcome you. The SPARTANS have worked very hard these past 2 weeks in ensuring that all the labs are set...
  • Blog Post: TechEd 200 SEA Preparation (Part 2)

    So after we crunched thru all the content, we had to conduct the proctor training and this is how it went: The team that made it all happen – SilverKnights! SilverKnights who saved the day from left: YJ, Verat, LV Chong, Rohan Thomas, Glenn Charles, Kok Chiann   Note: Every SilverKnight has fallen...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Preparation (Part1)

    From Left: Jin Lim, Glenn Charles, Verat, Rohan Thomas, TC So, all of us have been working hard day and night for TechEd – yes, I know that phrase is over used – but seriously – we have been working during weekdays, during Saturdays, Sundays, during days, during nights. I kid you not – the dreams that...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Content Testing – Day 1

    So it begins… The Tech-Ed content testing day! We had some proctors who came over for testing and of course – The SilverKnights were there as always lending a hand :-) The day didn’t start off as expected – the machines didn’t arrive on time – but the proctors did :-) Then one of the hard disks that...
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2008 SEA VM testing team

    This is the help that I have from our proctors and SilverKnights so far: Testing Days Help Champions Tuesday – 15 July Stevei.G (full day), Bernard Huen (4PM onwards), Daqing (full day), Verat (evening), saro jini (full day), Kok Chiann (evening) Wednesday – 16 July LV Chong (full day), Kok Chiann (evening...
  • Blog Post: Preparation for TechEd 2008 SEA

    We are hard at work preparing for TechEd 2008 SEA! Boy do I miss blogging! The coming week – we will be testing servers and Virtual Machines Mon-Fri at our office. I am so glad to have TechEd proctors and SilverKnight helping me in this task – wouldn’t have been so interesting if I were to do it all...
  • Blog Post: Calling all Technical Blogger and Twitterers!!!

    Shout out to all tech bloggers and twitterers! Are you a technical blogger? How about a technical twitterer? Do you like to share technical information with your others? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then…. I NEED YOU! I NEED YOU! Yes! You! I am putting up a list of all these people...
  • Blog Post: Twittering along in Remix Essentials KL

    The Remix event in KL, Lim Kok Wing University was AWESOME! We were given an awesome entrance with the beating of the drums and pinning of flowers on the shirt. We were also given an awesome tour of the University by AR Dato’ Parid Wardi. It was just amazing!! I’d like to thank everyone at Limkokwing...
  • Blog Post: Twined at last!

    Finally I got my Twine invite! Yay! I am setting up an account, I this doesn’t let me down. God knows we need a service like this. So far process good enough, but couldn’t upload my pic (at the moment we cant process this request error) but to be fair, its beta… What is Twine ? Twine is a new service...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2008 Deep Dive @ MMU, Cyberjaya on 8th May 2008

    I tried my best to prepare for this by hiding in the drop in, but didn’t work. Apparently, people have started utilizing my hand phone number listed in my business card. No matter! I went down to Starbucks and got it done :) So who is coming for the event tomorrow? Check out the details and the agenda...
  • Blog Post: Twitter

    I was sitting at home after a long day at work and twittering, and I wondered; who else is using twitter in Malaysia? Anyone I know? :-) My Twitter is - rohant - if you wanna follow... Cheers! Technorati tags: Rohan Thomas , Twitter
  • Blog Post: First Training for Silverlight 2.0 in Malaysia - Penang!

    Today I conducted the first Silverlight 2.0 Training in Malaysia! And it was held in Penang at PSDC. We had a lot of fun and I hope the feeling was mutual :-) Attached are the slides that I used and some pictures. Cheers! Technorati tags: Events in Malaysia , Silverlight , Rohan Thomas
  • Blog Post: Talk in

    I had a excellent response during my talk in Jobstreet on Silverlight, UX, S+S and the web platform in Malaysia and I want to thank you guys for attending. Attached is the presentation that I used during the talk. Cheers! Technorati tags: Events in Malaysia , Silverlight , UX , S+S
  • Blog Post: HEROS happen {here}

    {This} is where heroes happen! See you on 8th April 2008 in KLCC Technorati tags: Events in Malaysia
  • Blog Post: Speaking at Jobstreet

    I was invited by Jobstreet to give a talk in their Expert Series talk . So if anyone of you are attending the event, see you guys there! Cheers! Technorati tags: Rohan Thomas , Silverlight
  • Blog Post: TechNet and MSDN Conference in Penang on 24 Jan 2008

    Venue: Berjaya Georgetown Hotel, Penang Time & Date: 24 Jan 2007 (Thursday), 8:00am - 4:00pm I will be speaking on "Web Development with ASP.Net AJAX and Silverlight" at 2PM in the MSDN Track Check out more details at Technorati...
  • Blog Post: The Visual Studio Premiere Show in Malaysia

    It's out! The much anticipated movie of the year! Staring: Darien Nagle Ian Su Rohan Thomas Patrick Yong Walter Wong Poh Sze Lim More details here and book your premiere tickets here today! Enjoy :-) Technorati tags: Visual Studio 2008 , Rohan Thomas
  • Blog Post: Winner of Zune!

    Finally - a winner! For the win a Free zune contest . Here is the man - LV (Li Vooi Chong) who did this awesome piece of work using Blend, Design (for photos) and Encoder (for Silverlight Logo) with the theme - Visit Malaysia Year 2007! Good Job LV! Enjoy your zune... :-) LV has also uploaded...
  • Blog Post: How much time do you spend on Facebook?

    This picture is taken in Bangsar Starbucks (KL, Malaysia). Bunch of guys are sitting around sipping Starbucks and playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker on a Sunday evening! Wow! I'd like to do that instead of sitting there and clearing email :( Technorati tags: Rohan Thomas , Local Musings
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Airlines now flies to Malaysia and Singapore

    So what should I do now that I have finally got my VS 2008 and Blend December preview all working in harmony? Change the Silverlight Airlines and make it fly in Malaysia and Singapore! After a pleasant experience of creating Malaysian and Singapore map assets in Expression Design, manipulating points...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Innovation Center Seminar : S+S and Web 2.0 : 30th Nov 2007 - 2.30pm to 5.30pm

    Need more details? Check out the Facebook ;-) Technorati tags: Events in Malaysia , S+S , Web 2.0 , Rohan Thomas
  • Blog Post: Bad User Experience

    I installed Tubes in my machine, yes it did work once when I needed it but now this? I pushed 'No' a 100 times but it keeps popping up after every 1 minute or so! *frustrated* Very bad User Experience! Tubes Uninstalled! Technorati tags: Bad User Experience , User Experience , Rohan Thomas
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