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  • Blog Post: BarCamp in Malaysia

    After months of planning finally BarCamp was held in Malaysia. SilverKnights LV Chong, TC Wu and Kok Chiann delivered an awesome presentation in BarCamp in Malaysia You can watch the videos here –>   LV Chong talked about Silverlight and our community SilverCamp which...
  • Blog Post: enables users with videos in auctions

    Check out this cool link where they are showcasing Silverlight video trailers for auctioning items.   I must say, creates quite a bit of stickiness and is an awesome feature – I would love to showcase a video of my product when I am auctioning it off :-) Very cool! Technorati tags: Customer Stories...
  • Blog Post: using Silverlight is now using Silverlight in it's Chinese forum (with rotating ad - so you might have to reload)and is in the midst of implementing it on their English forum too. Good Job! :-) Technorati tags: , Silverlight , Announcements , News in Malaysia , Partner Stories , Customer...
  • Blog Post: First Training for Silverlight 2.0 in Malaysia - Penang!

    Today I conducted the first Silverlight 2.0 Training in Malaysia! And it was held in Penang at PSDC. We had a lot of fun and I hope the feeling was mutual :-) Attached are the slides that I used and some pictures. Cheers! Technorati tags: Events in Malaysia , Silverlight , Rohan Thomas
  • Blog Post: Talk in

    I had a excellent response during my talk in Jobstreet on Silverlight, UX, S+S and the web platform in Malaysia and I want to thank you guys for attending. Attached is the presentation that I used during the talk. Cheers! Technorati tags: Events in Malaysia , Silverlight , UX , S+S
  • Blog Post: Speaking at Jobstreet

    I was invited by Jobstreet to give a talk in their Expert Series talk . So if anyone of you are attending the event, see you guys there! Cheers! Technorati tags: Rohan Thomas , Silverlight
  • Blog Post: TechNet and MSDN Conference in Penang on 24 Jan 2008

    Venue: Berjaya Georgetown Hotel, Penang Time & Date: 24 Jan 2007 (Thursday), 8:00am - 4:00pm I will be speaking on "Web Development with ASP.Net AJAX and Silverlight" at 2PM in the MSDN Track Check out more details at Technorati...
  • Blog Post: 25 Most Innovative products of the year. Number 21 - Popfly!

    Wow! How did I miss this out? On 28th Dec 2007, PC World announced Popfly as the 25 Most Innovative Products of the year ! That's cool... For those who are wondering what is popfly , · Popfly is the fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, Web pages, and applications. · Popfly...
  • Blog Post: Tafiti goes shared source!

    A lot of my customers keep asking me if they can get the source for And I am glad to announce that now the answer is YES! We have shared the source for in our WLQuickApps on codeplex under a MS-PL licence (free for use). Tafiti Search Visualization is a Website which...
  • Blog Post: Winner of Zune!

    Finally - a winner! For the win a Free zune contest . Here is the man - LV (Li Vooi Chong) who did this awesome piece of work using Blend, Design (for photos) and Encoder (for Silverlight Logo) with the theme - Visit Malaysia Year 2007! Good Job LV! Enjoy your zune... :-) LV has also uploaded...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Airlines now flies to Malaysia and Singapore

    So what should I do now that I have finally got my VS 2008 and Blend December preview all working in harmony? Change the Silverlight Airlines and make it fly in Malaysia and Singapore! After a pleasant experience of creating Malaysian and Singapore map assets in Expression Design, manipulating points...
  • Blog Post: So how safe is your bet on Silverlight, WPF and .NET 3.0?

    So a lot of customers ask me this question. How safe is it to bet on Silverlight and .NET 3.0? Is Silverlight a part of any job description yet? A diagram is worth a thousand words ;-) Technorati tags: Silverlight , WPF , .net 3.0
  • Blog Post: WL Quick Apps now comes with Contoso ISV

    A very cool Contoso ISV App with super cool Silverlight video running style (see it running here ) now comes along with WL Quick Apps . Check it out ! Technorati tags: WL Quick Apps , Cool , Silverlight , Bluelight
  • Blog Post: ZUNE! Come and get them!*

    "No.... Leave my Zune alone!!!!!!" You gotta take this Zune away from me! Its becoming a health hazard now.... Help!!! Quick submit your entry ASAP and win this cool zune! BTW, people are mailing me and asking me for the if Zune has FM. Yes, it has a FM tuner! Regarding rules & regulations they are...
  • Blog Post: Put Silverlight video on your blog/site

    Wow! This is so awesome! Finally I managed to get my own video done with a layover (of my face) Got my lighterfuel plugin and my Silverlight Streaming Publishing plug-in :-) Again, if you wanna do this, refer to Ed's blog post I'm so glad that this one, two, three, publish feature is available...
  • Blog Post: So you wanna put Silverlight video on your blog eh?

    Check out Ed's Blog . Snazzy title (like the ones you never know the meaning of), live example (Ed himself), Tough English (Gee, Ed, easy with those heavy words) and a little bit of self praise (leaving comments yourself when no one comments on your blog). With so much content, I shouldn't really bother...
  • Blog Post: gathering

    The date of the gathering is fixed! 8th December! Mark you calendars! Technorati tags: , sifoo gathering , Events in Malaysia
  • Blog Post: VOICE squad meeting

    Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm Date: 24 October 2007, Wednesday Venue: Microsoft Auditorium, Level 29, Tower 2, Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC Email to reserve a seat today! Note: This meeting is exclusive to VOICE Agents only. Time Agenda 9.00am – 9.15am Registration 9:15am – 9:45am Welcome...
  • Blog Post: Themes for a free Zune

    And so it begins... Contest for winning a Zune is open in Malaysia. Just make a small and simple animation using Expression Blend ( free trial version here ) and win yourself a ZUNE ! The themes missing in my previous post are : Visit Malaysia Year 50th Merdeka Angkasawan Nasi Lemak Some of the ground...
  • Blog Post: Updated Silverlight Gallery

    We've updated our Silverlight Gallery! Check it out and submit your own Silverlight App today! Technorati tags: Silverlight Gallery , Cool , Annoucement
  • Blog Post: Win a Free ZUNE!*

    So far we have this: Make an Silverlight animation on a theme provided in the next few blog posts here using Expression Blend and email them to me :) The best animation wins a ZUNE ! Simple... Where to get Expression Blend? Download the free trial for Expression Blend 2 September Preview here Contest...
  • Blog Post: Now, this is what I call a manual!*

    Technorati tags: Silverlight , Halo , RIA , HD , Video , Streaming , Windows Live Check out the Silverlight powered Halo 3 Manual here . The Next generation of Web media experiences and rich interactive applications! The Halo 3 Online Manual includes a video introduction and an interactive menu with...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Vs Flash Vs .NET 3.0

    Technorati tags: Silverlight , Novell , Moonlight , Flash , .NET 3.0 Here is an excellent comparison chart from Loke Uei's Blog . NOTE : Linux support is provided by Novell in Moonlight agreement Awesome!
  • Blog Post: Getting readymade Silverlight buttons with Silverlight SDK 1.1

    Why make your own controls when the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 SDK gives them to you for free? :) I will take the example of using the button control that is provided in the Silverlight SDK for this post To use the button control from Silverlight SDK, do the following: Start VS 2008 'Orcas' Beta 2 with...
  • Blog Post: (means - do research - in Swahili)

    Search. Does it always have to be dull? Answer is No! Not, while Silverlight is around! While everyone is stressing on the importance of UX, I'm so glad we did something about it :)
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