Welcome!  I’ve been meaning to get this blog started for awhile, so here goes…let me introduce myself.  My name is Ron Cundiff, and I am the Developer Community Champion for Microsoft in the MidAmerica district, which consists of the states of Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.  You’ll also find me in Oklahoma and Arkansas over the next year.  I travel throughout these areas and share my passion and knowledge of Microsoft technologies by delivering FREE MSDN Events to application developers and other IT professionals.  These technical events are packed with demos, sample code, and information that help software developers and architects build applications using our technologies.  I also deliver technical presentations at user group meetings, product launches, webcasts, and other industry conferences.


I just got back from St. Louis delivering an event, and we had an incredible crowd!  With 225 folks in attendance, the room got a little warm.  As one attendee later told me, “The room got hot, just like the topics!”  I’d like to thank Scott Spradlin, one of the leaders of the St. Louis .NET User Group, for spreading the word to his group, and making this event very successful.  We walked through creating custom controls for ASP.NET, took a tour of InfoPath and the new features found in SP1, then finished it up with a sneak peek at ASP.NET 2.0.


For a list of upcoming MSDN Events, and related resources for these events, check out the MSDN Events category on this blog.