Next week I begin delivering MSDN Events covering 4 new topics.  Here are the topics we’ll be covering in our live events through December:


Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals in VB.NET

Visual Basic® .NET brings the full power of Object Oriented Programming to bear on the Visual Basic® syntax you’re already familiar with. Learn the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and the new OOP keyword introduced in Visual Basic® .NET. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how Visual Basic® .NET provides support for all of the key tenets behind the OOP paradigm – abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces. Good use of OOP will lead to code that is much easier to test, maintain, extend and reuse.


Programming with MapPoint Web Services

MapPoint® is so pervasive that it’s even used as a verb: “Did you MapPoint® it?” But MapPoint® is so much more than MapPoint® can add location intelligence and graphics to your applications via XML Web Services. Sometimes, all it takes is a map to quickly and most effectively communicate your message. MapPoint® provides a hosted, fully programmable XML Web service that enables you to add high-quality maps, driving directions, proximity searches, distance calculations, points of interest and other location-based information to your own Web sites and applications. Imagine mapping the locations of your company’s automobile fleet! Maybe you want to know where your sales team is located? How far do your customers have to go to get to you? If your data deals with the concept of “Location” in any way, you’ll want to check out this event.


Optimizing ASP.NET 1.1 Web Applications

Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0 take ASP.NET 1.1 to a whole other level. Explore how to build high-performance Web applications running on this powerful new platform. In this session, we’ll examine how to monitor and stress test Web applications - the two essential aspects of profiling performance. We’ll then demonstrate optimizations for key performance considerations like data access, server controls and caching. This session will provide real-world, down-to-earth techniques that you can apply immediately to your new or existing ASP.NET 1.1 sites. Using some of these techniques in strategic ways can improve your performance dramatically.


ASP.NET 2.0 Membership and Personalization

ASP.NET 2.0 adds remarkable new Membership and Personalization services in ASP.NET 2.0. The new Membership services and security controls will provide your Web site with secure user authentication and protect its contents from anonymous users with a minimum of coding on your part. You’ll avoid writing the same Login pages over and over again with the Login and LoginView controls. Forgot your password? No problem with the PasswordRecovery control. Personalization will allow your Web site users to have a customized view of its content, based upon their previous configuration selections and settings.


I’ll be delivering MSDN Events covering these topics in the following cities on the respective dates listed:


Oct 12th: Memphis, TN

Oct 14th: Nashville, TN

Oct 26th: Joplin, MO

Oct 28th: St. Louis, MO

Nov 16th: Tulsa, OK

Nov 18th: Oklahoma City, OK

Dec 14th: Wichita, KS

Dec 16th: Overland Park, KS


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Hope to see you there!