Last week was certainly an interesting week.  It didn’t really start out much different than other weeks, with me driving toward Kansas City on Monday.  Of course, I did have to drive slightly faster than the speed limit to make it into town just in time to eat at my favorite restaurant, Panzon’s.  They have the best pork burritos and margaritas in Overland Park.  On Tuesday, I headed to Lawrence for the MSDN Event, and was awakened at some point during the early morning ride down I-70 by the fact that a “Winter Weather Advisory” had been issued for the area.  I hate snow.


Around 11:00 AM is when I realized this week would be different.  It began snowing.  Hard.  We still had about 40 folks in attendance at the MSDN Event, which I thought was pretty decent considering the weather (thanks everyone!).  Although we ended a little early so everyone could have some extra time to make it home safely, we covered all of the topics and had a really interactive event.  By the time I left, there was 5+ inches of snow on the ground!  It took me a little more than an hour to make it back to Overland Park , not too bad for about 40 miles.  Overall I was impressed with the city’s effectiveness in clearing the roads, as well as the drivers in the area for maintaining control.  Hey, in Memphis, less than 5 inches of snow would just about shut the city down and overwork every traffic officer around.  I even went to Panzon’s again after making it back to the hotel.  J


The next day didn’t start off too well, though.  I spent some time working on the next event DVD in the morning, hoping to give the roads to St. Louis plenty of time to clear up.  But as I began my journey,  I slipped on some ice while loading the car, simultaneously burying my IPaq under 3 inches of snow, completely unbeknownst to me at the time.  Luckily, I spent some time cleaning my windows while getting gas, giving my curiosity enough time to demand to know where my phone was.  After quickly deducing what had happened, I was relieved to find my parking spot still empty, with a frozen, but still functional, gadget within the snow.  The day didn’t end exactly as planned, either, since my buddy Andy had to back out of our ritual Ron’s-In-Town-So-Let’s-Play-Texas-Hold-‘Em game because of some class he’s taking.  Oh well, I probably needed to be working anyway…


Thursday was the strangest day.  The MSDN Event went really well; although I was disappointed that we only had 71 folks there (it sure seemed like well over a hundred).  The presentation seemed well-received (no slides, mainly just code samples again), so hopefully everyone there will bring some friends with them next time.


It was on my way back to the hotel from the event that I entered the Twilight Zone.  I was nearly out of gas again, since I didn’t stop on the way to the event (who has time to stop for gas before 7 AM??).  I didn’t see any stations near the St. Louis Mills Mall, so I headed down 370 West hoping there would be an exit soon.  Right after crossing the bridge, I spotted one and headed to the nearest station.  As I finished pumping, I nearly jumped out of my skin when this girl 2 pumps over screams at the top of her lungs.  I rushed over to help, if necessary, and I saw what the cause of her scream was, something I had never seen before (nor want to again).


Mounted to the gas pump on a stick of some kind was the severed head of a dog, missing its eyeballs.  Ugh.  Sick.  And weird.  [ Theme song from Twilight Zone plays, “Do-doo-do-doo, Do-doo-do-doo” ].


Did anybody else enter the Twilight Zone last week, or were the rays of a full moon focused solely on me?