Let’s try something different.  I’ve added a “Technical” category of posts to this blog.  Maybe this will give me something to write about….


I got this idea from a recent webcast I did, MSDN Webcast: Consuming Web Services With Style Using Script (Level 300), and had several folks ask for the sample code I used for the demonstrations.  I really just threw some code together to illustrate a technique I’ve used in the past to take advantage of functionality exposed by web services implemented as part of the corporate application framework based on a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), which I designed in Phase 1 of the project.  Nevertheless, this post began with my intention of doing just that: post the code and some resources to go with it.


However, in order to post the code, I need to setup my website.  I’ve already begun this process, and should have it up within a week or so.  I’ll post the code samples to go with these technical posts once everything is setup.


In the meantime, I’ve often wondered how my technical skills would measure up against a different kind of challenge, such as technical writing, so as the old adage goes, let’s see just how many birds we can kill with this stone.


I began the webcast by demonstrating the creation of a web service, so my first article will focus on Building, Testing, and Consuming a Web Service Using Visual Studio .NET.  Next, we’ll use the skills covered in the first article to consume a web service from client-side script.


In return for these technical postings, I’ll ask you for something that is just as valuable to me: your feedback.  All is ask is that you read the article and provide me with some feedback on its quality.  Should I pursue more writing opportunities, or should I stick to writing code (and just code)?  You be the judge….


What do you think?