I neglected to mention in my last post: I won’t be doing the MSDN Events for awhile.


And no, I didn’t get in trouble.  Um…right, Paul?


Don’t worry: we’re not canceling the events!  I’m just coming off the road for a bit.  My teammates will be filling in for me to deliver the events in my area.  And these guys are just as capable (and weird…ahem…different) as I am, if not more so (especially that Rory character). 


You see, it all started when MikeO mentioned a new software project developing an internal tool to be used by the entire Microsoft Across America team, of which MSDN is a part of.  The managers had decided to leverage the skills of the MSDN team, and wanted to know if any of us would be interested in leading a project like this.


Are you kidding me?


Naturally, I jumped on this opportunity like Elvis on a peanut butter & banana sandwich (there, Bernard, I mentioned Elvis on my blog, are you finally happy?).


So for the next few months I’ll be designing, coding, cursing my computer, drinking Red Bulls, and so forth just like normal.  I just won’t be doing these things at any live events until the project is delivered.


BTW, be sure to ask my teammates “Where’s Ron?” at every event at least once, so they get so sick of answering this question that they hack into this blog and destroy this post.