I’m sure you already know about patterns & practices.  I always take the time to tell folks about these awesome resources.  


Want to know the options for authenticating users in an ASP.NET app?  Find it here.

Want to know how to implement caching within your application architecture? Find it here.

What are some best practices for designing data tier components?  Find it here.

Heck, look at this list.


I think you get the idea.


So it’s probably redundant for me to mention the Application Blocks for .NET, since you’re already using them to help you manage exceptions, data access, configuration data, and all kinds of cool stuff within your applications.  But have you heard about the newly released Enterprise Library, which is a collection of several of the application blocks into a single library?  


Very cool.


To everyone on the patterns & practices team: thank you and keep up the good work!