Have you ever wondered how to download the MSDN Webcasts?  I’ve been asked this before at events, but wasn’t sure the answer.  It can be embarrassing to stand in front of a crowd of folks and say “I don’t know.”  But not too long ago, I did just that when someone asked “How can I download those webcasts to my computer so I watch them later, offline?”  I had no idea.


But as you know, I’m finalizing our next event DVD, and I was working with Joe, a pal from the north, asking for his feedback on a particular feature I implemented for the new disc.  I appreciated his help (don’t we just like being able to show another developer how our shiny new code works?), and told him we should highlight his webcast series on the disc.  For those of you that know Joe, or have heard him on .NET Rocks! or at an MSDN Event, you probably know where this conversation headed in an instant.


“Highlight it?  Heck, let’s put the first 2 shows on there!”


“Cool, Joe, but we need to get permission to put them on there.”


“Permission?  Hell, just go ahead and start downloading them, and I’ll get you the permissions for it.”


Downloading them?  Hmm.  And that’s when he sent me this link.


That’s right: download the webcasts to your computer as a media file.  Now that is cool.


So for the person that asked me how to do this several months ago, I finally found a way.  Enjoy.