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January, 2007

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Welcome!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Ron Cundiff, and I am a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft.  I travel throughout the central part of the US sharing my passion and knowledge of Microsoft technologies by delivering FREE MSDN Events to application developers and other IT professionals.  These technical events are packed with demos, sample code, and other information that help software developers and architects build applications using our technologies.  I also deliver technical presentations at user group meetings, product launches, webcasts, and other industry conferences.

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    The New York Times Reader

    Another application that I've been demonstrating at the Vista / Office 2007 launch events is the NYTimes Reader. This is a very cool app written with WPF that will change the way you read news online. Check it out here . Note: free registration to NYTimes...
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    Upcoming Webcasts

    I've got some cool webcasts coming up that may interest some of you. First, I need to announce my new webcast series, Visual Basic .NET Soup To Nuts (note: we just got the domain name, so it may take 24 – 48 hours for the link to go live; until then...
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    Ready For a New Day

    Somehow, the tag line for the Vista / Office 2007 Launch Tour seems appropriate as I write this blog post. I kind of gave up on this blog a while back, and began focusing on other stuff. But after being asked by several of you, I've decided to resurrect...
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