Somehow, the tag line for the Vista / Office 2007 Launch Tour seems appropriate as I write this blog post. I kind of gave up on this blog a while back, and began focusing on other stuff. But after being asked by several of you, I've decided to resurrect this blog, and get it going again.

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you that joined us for the Vista / Office 2007 launch events. I had a great time talking with all of you. As promised, here are some more resources on some of the topics we talked about.

I'll start by sharing the link to the Launch Tour Resource Center, which many of you have asked about. The resource center contains links to the slide decks presented for all of the tracks, plus additional resources like case studies, software trials, whitepapers, and more. So be sure to start with this link. And for anyone that's having trouble downloading software from the Launch Resource Kit, my buddy Keith Combs has demystified this process on his blog. And, of course, you'll want to make sure to use the right key

Many of you also asked for pointers to some of the demos we showed during the Developer Track of the Launch Tour, so here are some pointers to those, as well.

During the keynote, I showed off an application built by one of our partners, Accruent. View the video on Channel9, and have a look at the case study. I also showed an example patient monitoring app based on WPF, and you can watch the video on Channel9, and download the code from Rob's blog. We also showed an application that demonstrates using a variety of the new technologies available in the .NET Framework 3.0 together in a complete solution, and you can re-create this solution on your own box to roll up your sleeves and dive in! Check it out here. And at the end of the day, I showed off a retail-store kiosk application, and the whitepaper on how this app was built has now been posted on MSDN.

I hope these resources help out with learning the new technologies we now have at our disposal to build the next generation of applications!