I've got some cool webcasts coming up that may interest some of you.

First, I need to announce my new webcast series, Visual Basic .NET Soup To Nuts (note: we just got the domain name, so it may take 24 – 48 hours for the link to go live; until then, you can get more info by visiting the MSDN Events Team Webcast Portal Page). This is a series of webcasts devoted to those who want to learn more about using Visual Basic .NET to build applications, and we're going to cover everything from the beginning. My buddy Bill Steele has been doing a great webcast series on C#, and a lot of you have asked for the VB.NET aspects, so he asked if I'd be interested, and Voila! A new webcast series! We'll get started next week, on Monday, February 5th. So if you've wanted to learn Visual Basic .NET, and weren't sure where or how to begin, tune in and I'll walk you through everything. Here's the link to register for the first webcast in this series, where we'll introduce VB.NET, and learn about the basic language constructs and the types of applications we can build with it. We'll dive deeper and deeper into this fantastic and popular language over subsequent webcasts in this series.

I'll also be doing another webcast on using the XML tools in Visual Studio 2005. A lot of us may not know exactly how to use the XML editing and XSLT debugging features in Visual Studio 2005, so I thought I would walk through these features, and offer some tips and tricks. Here's the link to register, and I hope you'll join me!