I've been blogging a little more recently, and decided to try out Windows Live Writer for the task. 

I had been using Word 2007, which actually works very well for blogging, especially since I use it for everything else.  But when I wanted to start dabbling with putting images on this blog, it didn't seem quite as robust as I was looking for.

Several of my buddies were using the shiny new app (it's still in beta), so I gave in to peer pressure and downloaded it last week.

Wow!  This app is cool, and makes blogging a snap.

Plus, it's got a SDK for writing extensions.  My fellow DE Tim has written an extension that makes it easy to blog images from your flickr space (I tried it out by posting my new ride).  And he posted the code to codeplex!.  Great job, Tim!

What kind of extension will you write?