Thanks to everyone that attended today's webcast session on class libraries with Visual Basic .NET.  Today was Part 3 of the 22-part webcast series, Visual Basic .NET Soup to Nuts.

Here are some resources for this webcast:

We also showed some tools you get when you download the .NET Framework SDK.  You can download SDKs (and other stuff) from here.  Also, be sure to visit the .NET Framework Developer Center.

From these two sites, you can drill into the documentation for the .NET Framework and Visual Basic.  For instance, we talked about the System Namespace today, and here's the documentation for it.  You may also want to review the namespace naming guidelines for guidance on how to name your own namespaces in your custom class libraries.

I also showed how the My Namespace in Visual Basic 2005 makes it easier to include common functionality in our apps.  Read more about the My Namespace here.

Happy coding!